Honda CB750 ‘The Mighty Four’ By Caffeine Custom

Photography: Paulo Pretz

Caffeine Custom likes to take café racers and inject a bit of frenetic energy. Their latest built outwardly communicates its thunderous power, but more quietly – a more modest rumble of thunder, rather than an outright clap. The result is a darkling and sparkling 1979 Honda CB750 they call “The Mighty Four.”

Shaped in stealth black and sheer gray steel, the Mighty Four still retains the urbane and smooth look apposite the original 1979 tenth anniversary limited edition Honda they used as a canvas. With such a rare and already resplendent base model to extrapolate from, the team at Caffeine Custom steered clear of a full redesign, reluctant to gaudily ornament the stock beauty in their midst. Instead, they sought to enhance; to evoke its extant beauty, and thus avoid reinventing the wheel. That said, the bike has been expertly amplified. The Caffeine team conjured a new subframe and a hand-built rear cowl to top it, swathing it with svelte Alcantra. A Motogadget m.unit controller and Lithium-ion battery electrify the bike from beneath the seat hump. A touch here – new Biltwell grips and Motogadget buttons – an upgrade there – a stainless steel exhaust system – and this four-cylinder fury exceeds its original glory without disavowing it.

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