Motoism’s Street-Legal Honda ‘Starrider’ Has A Nitrous Oxide System

Lion and Ben Ott of Munich-based Motoism are brothers with the incredible talent to cook up motorcycle recipes that are bold and daring. One of their latest projects is the Honda CB750 ‘Starrider’ — which transforms an ‘80s cafe racer into a nitrous-injected road rocket.

Approaching the model known as the original superbike, the Ott brothers wanted to create a motorcycle mixed with elements of a flat track, speedway racers, and cafe racers. The bike has a full rear wheel disc, various carbon fiber parts, including a lightweight carbon fiber tank, and enduro handlebars. At the heart of the two-wheeler is a fully-refurbished engine complemented by a 4-into-1 stainless exhaust system and matching silence, providing you with 77 horsepower. With the nitrous injection system, the sleek ride gets an additional 7.7 horsepower to remain within TÜV regulations or 23 horsepower for those insane enough to test the bike’s limits on the track. And the motorcycle has a carbon fiber headlight nacelle with an LED lamp to illuminate the road ahead. This stealthy ride with monster power is a perfect mix of contemporary style and heritage hints.

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