Honda’s CB-F Moto Concept Celebrates 60 Years Of The Lauded CB Series

Among a menagerie of other automotive shows and social gatherings that have been placed on hold due to current events, Osaka’s 36th Motorcycle Show has seemingly suffered the same dramatic fate. But the show’s cancellation isn’t entirely a bad thing — especially when companies like Honda head to the internet to announce their recently-veiled releases.

The CB-F Concept that you see here is one such example, boasting a modernized persona that draws inspiration from, and is eerily reminiscent of, the brand’s 1979 CB900F. To celebrate six decades of excellence since the cycle’s conception, Honda has decided to pay homage to the transcendental bike with this bleeding-edge platform — a lightweight model that calls upon a high-tensile steel mono-backbone structure, inverted front fork suspension, and an aluminum single-sided Pro-Arm at its rear — to promote precise handling and superior performance on the roadway. At its core, a 998cc inline four-cylinder DOHC engine offers the perfect balance between high-octane torque and a more relaxed rev range. Head to Honda’s website to learn more about the CB-F Concept.

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