Honda Bionic Motorcycle Arm

All eyes are on today’s most innovative companies when it comes to medical and technological advancement — two areas that Honda’s various, groundbreaking departments have never shied away from. Now, thanks to an imaginative creation by designer Tom Hylton, individuals who have suffered the loss of a limb can find possibilities (and participation) in motorcycle-oriented endeavors like never before.

Hylton’s conceptual bionic arm calls upon Honda’s pioneering research in mechanical, robotic, and automotive fields to create an interesting new system for trans-humeral and trans-radial amputees — allowing for spatial connection, capacitive ability, and adequate communication between rider and machine. The prosthetic is attached at the shoulder and integrates directly with the conceptualized Honda superbike, plugging into the handlebar and issuing commands based on the rider’s intentions. As a result, the bionic arm gives motorcycle riders the enhanced ability to position themselves for angular leans, correction, and steering — important techniques often associated with responsive racing platforms.

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