Honda 650 Muxima by Ton-Up Garage

We’ve seen an influx of custom Honda bikes over the past few years. So, why not share another one? This Honda 650 custom was done up by Ton-Up Garage, who named the project “Muxima” after the word for ‘heart’ in Kimbundu.

This custom was built for a client from Angola who needed a bike that could handle both the city streets and the dirt tracks of the back country. Ton-Up really delivered with the look, completely reworking the subframe and adding an integrated tail light and license plate holder. They also created a custom-made seat that hides a box of wiring underneath it. The fuel tank has been custom fit for the FMX’s frame, and the tires have been changed out for Continental TKC80s to handle those back roads of Angola. On top of that, Ton-Up gave it a new air filter system with a side-mounted K&N filter. Finally, they slapped an earthy paint job on it for a unique look.

Honda 650 Muxima by Ton-Up Garage 2

Honda 650 Muxima by Ton-Up Garage 3

Honda 650 Muxima by Ton-Up Garage 4