Homping Grill

The art of grilling has surpisingly not seen a lot of innovation over the years, as most of us are still using the same charcoal grill and grill plates we’ve been using for decades. Now, modernization has stepped in and redesigned the typical grill to create the Homping Grill.

This portable grill is packed with the latest technology and produces 95% less smoke than traditional grills. It uses an integrated fan and ignition gel to heat the charcoal up, producing 400 degrees in just three minutes. The device includes three interchangeable plates that can be used to grill or roast your food. It can run on four AA batteries or a power bank, and doesn’t require any outlets to be nearby (take THAT, George Foreman). So, that means it’s great for the upcoming tailgating season for football fans. The grill is available now for $199. [Purchase]

Homping Grill 1

Homping Grill 2

Homping Grill 3