Hogue EX-T01 Tomahawk

A tomahawk can be a very useful tool, especially in a survival situation. With it one can chop wood for a fire or shelter. It can also be used to cut strips of cloth for a bandage or to dig a hole in order to bury food waste in a manner that won’t attract wildlife. It can even be used as a self-defense weapon, if the situation calls for it. But, your average ‘hawk isn’t going to be the easiest thing to lug around with a full pack on your back – unless you had one that was equipped for easy transport, like Hogue’s EX-T01 Tomahawk.

An effective tool on its own, the EX-T01 is made from a single piece of S-7 steel and is finished with black Cerakote, with an HRC rating of 54-56. The edge is hand sharpened and honed and the handle is made from G-10 in your choice of three finishes. This 14.125″ tomahawk weighs a grand total of just 0.95 pounds, which is especially handy since it comes with a MOLLE compatible G-10 sheath (with positive and magnetic retention) that can be strapped to your pack for easy carry alongside the rest of your gear. This tomahawk/sheath combo retails for just $300. [Purchase]

Hogue EX T01 Tomahawk S 7 01