Hoerboard Com.Four DJ Stand

The world of DJs is awash with futuristic styling elements. It seems that everyone behind the turntables wants to be a neon robot nowadays. But we still think there’s something to be said for the design of years long ago. And it would seem that we are not alone in that thinking. Take, for example, Hoerboard’s Com.Four DJ stand.

This gorgeous media cabinet is marked by striking mid-century design elements. The sideboard space has room enough for up to 350 records. The multiplex surface comes in your choice of black or matte white. And the price of $2350 also includes a custom insert for your specific DJ devices and an audio and power access slot. It’s even add-on friendly if you want to connect the brand’s laptop or monitor stands. Pick one up today on Hoerboard’s website. [Purchase]

Hoerboard Com Four DJ Stand 01

Hoerboard Com Four DJ Stand 02

hoerboard com four dj stand 03