Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home

Dec 13, 2013

Category: Living

There’s been a lot of coverage recently about bees dying—sad stuff. Not good. But if you’re not yet ready to donate to the cause (not while strip clubs still exist, my friend), perhaps you can show some solidarity by living like a bee. Designed by Barry Jackson, the Hivehaus is a modular, beehive-like housing system that comes flat-packed and ready for you to assemble as many rooms as you’d like.

Individual hexagonal cells can be customized and connected, giving you all the room you need for you and your honey (girl) or honey (food). Each cell provides 100 square feet of floor space, and it’s enclosed by floor and walls made of 3.93 inch insulated timber frames. The inner and outer panels are fortified with polyurethane foam, and “powder coated steel facing laminate” protects the whole thing from Ma Nature. Now, if you’re really serious about living the bee life, you’ll go off the grid with available solar panels, composting toilets, and rainwater harvesting. Think of the bees.

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 2

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 03

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 3

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 4

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 5

Hivehaus Flat-Packed Modular Home 7

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