HiUni GoTo Smart Telescope

Stargazing has never been smarter. A new smart telescope, with an eye catching design and a number of dazzling features, allows amateur astronomers to navigate the stars with ease. Seize the opportunity to say, “Hi, Universe!” with the HiUni GoTo Smart Telescope.

Constellating a beautiful Cassegrain style design, a self-guided smart navigation system, and a smartphone and tablet integrated app to chart your adventures, the HiUni is the perfect vehicle to forage the final frontier. The operating system simplifies the stars for its users. All you have to do is turn on the telescope and give it a moment to self-calibrate. Take to your app, and pick a star – any star – or celestial object from the skymap. Utilizing GPS, an accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyroscope, watch as the telescope churns aligns and magnifies the image up to 300x, until you have a perfect view of a heavenly body. The 1/2 inch, 1280×1024 CMOS is crafted for crisp, dark image viewing. Whether used from your balcony, or camping out in the wilderness, the HiUni GoTo Smart Telescope offers you a stellar view of the cosmos.

Kickstarter: $539+