Hisense’s 4K Short-Throw Smart Projector Displays Up To A 100″ Screen

Over the past few years, short-throw projectors have become far more viable than their original counterparts. Resolutions, pixel densities, and lumen counts are greater than ever, and in most cases, they’re the easiest (and most versatile) way to achieve a true cinematic experience while indoors. Earlier this year, Hisense revealed its new L5 Series — a 4K offering that integrated many of the genre’s strongest technologies, without any of the drawbacks. Now, that same projector has been upgraded with a 100-inch ambient light-rejecting (ALR) screen.

Aside from the projector’s additional tech, its price has also been reduced from an excessive $5,000, all the way down to $4,000, making it a more attractive option for those who are looking to enhance their indoor entertainment area. Operating at only 11 inches away from the nearest surface, the L5 Series Smart Projector/TV can be placed in a variety of locations, thanks to its reliance on Android TV and Google Assistant integration, as well as a built-in DBX-TV speaker system for increased sound proficiency. At over 2,700 lumens, this short-throw example offers over 25,000 hours of viewing life, calling upon one of Texas Instruments’ DLP chips for enhanced 4K sharpness and color reproduction. Head to Hisense’s website to pick up the L5 Series Smart Projector for $4,000.

Purchase: $4,000