Hinterher Bicycle Trailer

Jan 28, 2019

Category: Gear

Versatility is vital when you’re moving stuff, like say, your apartment to another place. And while this would seem like a weird place to inject a German language lesson, you’ll see why it makes sense to know that the word “hinterher” means to pull something behind you. It’s also the name of a Munich company that’s created an innovative bicycle trailer.

Available in two different sizes, Hmax and Hmini, these customizable cargo trailers come in 10 different colors with a wide array of accessories available, like different handles, side panels, parking brakes, locks, and an optional hiking harness. You can use it as a bicycle trailer, hand cart, or trolley, with just a few clicks needed to turn it from form into another. And like the Super Bowl Seahawks, it also collapses in seconds. [Purchase]

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 2

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 3

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 4

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 5

Hinterher Bicycle Trailer 6

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