This Master-Crafted Wine Key Was Handmade Over 43 Individual Steps

Anyone with an appreciation for wine can tell you that owning a wine key is an absolute necessity — otherwise, you’ll have a nigh-impossible time getting the cork out of the bottle. However, the ones they sell in the check-out lane of grocery or liquor stores are often cheap and unreliable. By contrast, Hinoki’s S1 Essential Wine Knife is an exceptional, master-crafted tool.

Built out of black-finished, brushed stainless steel, each Hinoki S1 Essential Wine Knife is made by a single craftsman in Seki, Japan across a painstaking process comprised of 43 individual steps. And the results speak for themselves. Each of these tools also features a 420J2 steel foil knife and nickel-silver detailing. A masterful take on a wine-lovers kitchen essential, you can get your hands on one now for $68.

Purchase: $68