Hillstrike Snowtrike REV-17

Since man took his first accidental trip down a snowy mountain, it has been ingrained in human DNA that barreling down a powder covered hillside is fun as hell. Recently, a crew in Slovenia trusted their primal instincts of having fun on the slopes and mixed in their passion for mountain biking, creating the Hillstrike Snowtrike Rev-17.

Looking like a three-legged bicycle on skis, the Snowtrike is exactly that. An aluminum frame similar in size to a hardtail mountain bike sets the stage for the trike. An innovative articulating rear parallelogram allows the bike to pivot off center while keeping each ski contacting the snow surface as much as possible, providing excellent traction and handling on the snow. A RockShox Recon 120mm travel fork provides cushion for the sloppy, choppy runs and the full wood core skis are removable for tuning and waxing. Take your choice from 5 different color options then get out on the slopes and shred!

Purchase: $2,300+