Highland Systems Deploys A 2,500HP Hybrid Amphibious Assault Tank

Based in the UAE, Highland Systems is a research and development and project management company specializing in bringing radical, outside-the-box military vehicle concepts to fruition. Developed for British armed forces, Highland’s latest offering has been dubbed “the Storm MPV,” a hybrid, amphibious, multi-purpose assault vehicle.

Riding on tank-style treads equipped with a genuine off-road suspension package, this multi-role armored vehicle (or MPV) is designed to excel in a wide range of military applications in some of the world’s harshest environments. Standing at 7.75’ tall, spanning 9.4’ in width, and measuring 19.3’ in length, this land and sea assault vehicle offers seating for six inside of a heavily armored cabin. On top of boasting the latest and greatest in ballistic, IED, and mind-blast protection, the Storm also features a slew of cutting-edge integrated tech, such as the ability for the vehicle to be remotely (and partially autonomously) controlled. Despite weighing nearly 9-tonnes, the Storm affords an almost 90mph top speed on land and tops out at around 20mph on water, thanks to a diesel hybrid powertrain with 1,865 kW (or 2,500 hp) and 3,245 ft-lbs of torque that offers up to 36-hours of use when using the hybrid propulsion system and only requires 2.5 hours to fully recharge.

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