Highland Park FIRE Edition

Nov 17, 2016

Category: Vices

What better way to keep warm this winter than with a good old bottle of scotch whisky? Highland Park definitely agrees with this notion, evident from the release of their FIRE Edition bottles. For this round, they tapped into the local Norse mythology for inspiration, as well as a few spent Port wine casks.

The release comes as a follow-up from their earlier ICE Edition. However, with this go around, the 15-year vintage was matured exclusively in 100 percent refill Port casks, contributing to the scotch’s slight reddish hue and heightened aromas of dark fruits and light smoke. It’s all held within a bespoke crimson red glass, alluding to the molten world of the Viking Fire Giants. Each bottle also comes encased in a black wooden cradle and wooden stopper -also painted black of course. More on the inspiration can be found in the accompanying booklet recounting the epic battle between the Fire Giants and the Gods for rule over the world. A release of 4,398 bottles will be made available in the US beginning in December of 2016 and will retail for $300. The ideal remedy for heightened exposures to holiday cheer.

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