High Roller Big Wheel Trike for Adults

Like a gift sent from heaven, the product design team at High Roller USA have debuted their Adult Size Big Wheel Trike, made specifically for the kid in all of us.

We all grew up riding big wheels up and down the block, and now you can relive the glory days with High Roller’s three wheeler. This thing may look like the same trike you patrolled the block with when you were a kid, but it’s been revamped with high quality parts to withstand abuse from a grown ass man (up to 6′ 6″ height and 275 pound weight). The 26″ front wheel has been outfitted with an aluminum alloy rim and rubber tire, while the rear wheels have been engineered for perfect power sliding every time. The candy apple red metallic heavy duty frame shines from a mile away, and the handlebar bell and tassels are a nice, nostalgic finishing touch. Each one retails for $650. [Purchase]

Big Wheel Trike for Adults 2

Big Wheel Trike for Adults 3