Hideaway Jacket By Uncharted Supply Co.

You never know when you may need a really heavy jacket to fight back the cold, but on the same token, most folks don’t really want to carry around a big parka with them all the time. To tackle this problem, Uncharted Supply Company has come up with an ingenious solution that they’re calling the Hideaway Jacket.

This looks much like your normal packable nylon windbreaker at first, but on closer inspection users will find it’s covered in little exterior pockets. Those are built to be filled up with dry leaves, newspapers, or whatever else you can scrunch up and throw in for insulation. Not only is this capable of keeping you warm at a moments notice, but thanks to the waterproof treatment on the exterior of the material, it’ll keep you dry as well. All things said this very well could be the smallest but warmest jacket you’ve ever owned. Prices are set at $50. [Purchase]