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The HiBed Is A Fully-Connected High-Tech Relaxation Station

The integration of smart devices into our daily lives is becoming more and more prevalent, and with things like fitness-oriented watches and health-conscious phones taking center stage, it was only a matter of time before our home’s most improbable items received the intelligent treatment. Now, to fulfill every dream that we didn’t know we had, Fabio Vinella’s new-and-improved, 2nd-generation HiBed — a smart-sleeper outfitted with all of our favorite distractions — has been announced by Italy’s Hi-Interiors.

The HiBed arrives hot on the heels of the formative smart-furniture movement, providing users with an intelligent rest area that’s set to redefine our morning, afternoon, and evening routines. Not only does the contraption deliver logs of your health, rest cycles, and midnight tendencies to you via a companion app, but it also hones in on interesting biometric parameters to deliver reports on air quality, temperature, and noise levels, helping you to optimize your sleep schedule accordingly. But don’t worry, the HiBed isn’t all business; WiFi connectivity, an HD projector, and invisible speakers provide the perfect amenities for a day at home, giving users an all-in-one enclosure that’ll make leaving the rest area a difficult proposition. Head to Hi-Interiors’ website for more information.

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