Hexlox Anti-Theft Bike Bolts

As freeing as riding a bike around town can be, it comes with its own set of issues to worry about; cars are an obvious one, preparing for the weather another, but the thing we fear most is having your bike ripped apart and stolen. Hexlox is here to protect against that.

This simple but ingenious tool makes it so the components of your bike – front and back wheels, seat, and handle bars – can’t be liberated from the frame. Installation is straightforward; all a user has to do is plug their unique key into the hex bolt, twist, and pull out. A little plug gets left in the hex making it impossible for someone to use conventional tools to loosen it. You can pick one up for yourself in a range of bolt sizes for $25+. [Purchase]

Hexlox 1

Hexlox 2

Hexlox 3

Hexlox 4