HexCups Beer Pong Cups

May 25, 2016

Category: Vices

It’s about time someone made a serious beer pong cup. Now the ubiquitous college drinking game has the equipment it deserves for the players who dedicate themselves to the art of arc, the finesse of the bounce, and the rallying potential of the re-rack. For when the pressure is on and it’s up to you to sink that final shot, you better be sure those cups don’t let you down.

The fellas over at HexCup have been there before. That’s why they’ve engineered the perfect beer pong cups, made from durable PP construction to resist cracking, a patent-pending design to prevent ghosting, and reinforced all corners on their honeycomb design to fit snuggly together in the triangular beer pong shape. Such a design also allows for myriad re-rack combinations and these bad boys are also dishwasher safe so re-using them is not an issue. So go ahead, turn your home into an Animal House. Each set of 22 cups and 3 balls are available for preorder. [Purchase]

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