HexClad Sharpens Its Arsenal of Cookware with a Set of Damascus Knives

Finding the right cookware can be overwhelming, to say the least. There is a litany of brands on the market and scores more of less-than-stellar as-seen-on-tv companies that leverage bombastic claims and beautified hackery to peddle subpar products to unsuspecting consumers. Thankfully, there are companies like HexClad that make incredible cookware that looks as good as it works. While the brand’s bread and butter comes in the form of its killer nonstick pots and pans, it is widening its purview with a new set of high-end kitchen knives.

HexClad’s Essential Six-Piece Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set is the perfect step up for novice cooks looking to hone their craft and buy their first “big boy” knife set. It’s no secret that knives are the most important tool for cooking, so investing in a proper set is imperative for anyone who endeavors to up his culinary game. Each knife in this handsome set is forged from 67 layers of Japanese Damascus Steel, which is the gold standard of steel in the cooking space. These knives have a formidable 60 Rockwell Rating, retain their edges wonderfully, and sport achingly gorgeous forest green pakkawood handles.

As its name mentions, this set from one of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s favorite cookware brands contains six different pieces: an 8″ chef’s knife, an 8″ serrated bread knife, a 7″ Santoku knife, a 5″ utility knife, a 3.5″ paring knife, and a honing steel. While the name itself says these knives are the essentials, we’d argue that HexClad is being a bit humble in naming. This set will outfit you to conquer the kitchen in style. The Santoku and utility knives, in particular, give this set a wonderful layer of versatility to cover practically all of your cooking needs.

When you take these knives’ quality, beauty, and materials into account, the fact that this set only retails for $499 is mind-boggling — especially since it’s currently on sale for $399. This set is an incredible value and will bolster the capabilities (and aesthetic) of any kitchen lucky enough to have them. HexClad’s Essential Six-Piece Japanese Damascus Steel Knife Set is available now on the brand’s website for $399.

Purchase: $399

Photo: HexClad