DeLorean iPhone 7 Case

Retro-styled gear appears to be all the rage as of late. But, there’s a lot that we’d prefer stayed in the past. This is not one of them. In conjunction with the brand that built the iconic ’80s vehicle, HEX has unveiled this DeLorean DMC-12-inspired iPhone 7 case.

Yes, we mean the same DeLorean that was used in the Robert Zemeckis-penned Back To The Future sci-fi franchise. Though it would not be remembered for its performance figures, this car is unmistakable for its brushed steel finish. And it’s that look HEX has imbued in this case. Constructed from a combination of brushed aluminum (much lighter than steel), genuine leather, and custom-molded polycarbonate – this iPhone 7 case is exactly what you need if you like retro styled gear that’s tastefully done and well-built. You can wrap one around your phone for $50.

Purchase: $50