Daft Punk’s Creative Director Is Behind This Space-Age Furniture Collection

The allure of futuristic design has always captured our hearts. Perhaps it’s just human nature, but it seems that no matter the epoch, man is always looking to predict how the future will unfold. This holds especially true in product design. Brands seem to take inspiration from the past so they can predict what the future will look like. In a beautiful display of outside-the-box thinking, Hervet Manufacturier took inspiration from how mid-century designers envisioned the future for their stunning line of furniture.

The Paris-based furniture brand was co-founded by cousins Cédric and Nicolas Hervet, who come from a long line of carpenters and craftsmen. While the two have made strides in their respective fields, Cédric found himself in the design limelight by becoming Daft Punk’s creative director. Not wanting his beloved cousin to work on any run-of-the-mill desk, Nicolas designed Cédric a custom desk in 2008, which served as the founding piece of Hervet Manufacturier. The designs of Hervet Manufacturier pieces are unique, recognizable, and cosmically stylish, taking inspiration from mid-century modernism. For example, the cousins Hervet looked to the angular design of classic wedge cars such as the Lotus Esprit when crafting their aptly-named Esprit bench. Another example of the out-of-this-world grooviness used to inspire their design is the criminally stylish Platinum foosball table, which was inspired by the pair’s childhood memories of pretend space play. The Platinum features a Zebrano and Brazilian Rosewood construction with stainless steel and aluminum hardware that results in the type of foosball table you’d find aboard the Starship Enterprise.

The Esprit and Platinum are just two offerings in the Hervet Manufacturier catalog that you can special order from the brand’s website. Each piece is handmade and evokes a classic, space-age vibe that is sure to turn the heads of anyone who passes them.

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