Heroin Bike

What both high end bicycle manufacturers and professional (or well off amateur) riders alike look for in a new bike is something that is measurably lighter and faster than the previous model. Is it less wind resistant? Can it make ascents faster? Is the geometry a good fit? With the release of their flagship bike, the Italian company Heroïn has answered all of those questions with a resounding ‘yes’.

In the two years it took to fully develop and release this hyper-car of road bikes, the folks at Heroïn poured over every single detail from the frame to the seat post to be both light and aerodynamic. Weighing in at just 750 grams, this bike’s frame was made from airplane-grade carbon fiber by some of the most skilled craftsman in the industry. Not only does this frame boast a light and modular design, but everything from the fork to the wheel features a honeycombed design that helps reduce drag so you can bomb hills and hit straight aways with minimal resistance. Because a bike is only as good as its components, the folks at this Italian bike company set the 2-wheeler up with a Shimano Dura-Ace 11-speed gear shifting system and matching Rotor Inpower cranks. Only 349 will be made – so pick one up for yourself while you still have a chance. [Purchase]