Hero-Glyphics: Pop Culture Hieroglyphics By Josh Lane

Jan 13, 2014

Category: Living

The meaning of certain hieroglyphics can be quite tough to decipher; “Hmmm… here’s a man with a spear and he’s aiming it at the sun and what looks like the number 12. Maybe that’s the SPF rating?” However, Hero-Glyphics are much easier to comprehend, thanks to the inclusion of a handful of iconic heroes we know and love.

These illustrations by Josh Lane feature characters like Spider-Man, the X-Men, and the Avengers set in classic hieroglyphic poses and settings. There’s Captain Kirk sitting on his throne; Wolverine kneeling before a phoenix; heck, even the Power Rangers get in on the action. Josh says his love of ancient Egyptian art and superheroes inspired his work. We just like that we don’t have to trek through any dusty, scarab-ridden lairs to find it. [Purchase]

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 1

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 2

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 3

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 4

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 5

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 6

Hero-Glyphics By Josh Lane 7

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