Herman Miller Just Reimagined & Revamped Modern Office Cubicles

As our return to normal life looms ever closer, so too does the end of our WFH woes. No longer will we be plagued by poor internet connection and awkward video conferences with only our housemates for help; instead, we’ll get to enjoy such daily inconveniences in an office.

If you prefer the comfort of your couch to the confines of a cubicle, we don’t blame you, but at least Hermann Miller’s new OE1 Micro Packs are here to help. Designed to promote a more adaptable corporate environment, they’re essentially height-adjustable workstations with an incredibly small footprint. In practice, this means that they can be placed virtually anywhere around the office, making them ideal for odd in-between spaces like corners and hallways. What’s more, they can be raised and lowered with just the push of a button — great for impromptu team meetings and staving off the restlessness of working a 9-5. Oh, and because each Micro Pack comes with its own built-in outlets, computer cable management couldn’t be easier. You can contact a dealer at the link below.

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