Here One Smart Earbuds

Jun 28, 2016

Category: Tech

In an effort to keep up with contemporary cordless desires, Doppler Labs has just released information on their upcoming Here One Smart Earphones. Their goal? To be the last set of headphones you ever purchase. A lofty goal of course, but after taking a closer look at these new earbuds, you may start to believe in their cause.

Clearly, these pieces offer more to the user than simple Bluetooth capabilities. Doppler claims The Here One earphones redefine how we engage with sound through technology by acting as the first, all-in-one wireless listening system that allows users to stream music, take phone calls, reduce unwanted noise around them, amplify speech, and give you access to both Siri and Google Now. And as an added bonus, each set of headphones lets you choose what you want to hear, like amplifying a conversation at a crowded restaurant or reducing unnecessary noises while riding the streetcar. It’s the ultimate the way to control the airwaves around you, quite literally enabling you to only hear what you want to hear. The Here Ones are available for pre-order now for $300 [Purchase]

Hear One Smart Headphones 1

Hear One Smart Headphones 3

Hear One Smart Headphones 4

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