Get A Laser-Accurate Shave With Henson’s Superb AL13 Safety Razor

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If you’re like us, you’re always in pursuit of the perfect shave — be that completely clean or just a touch-up to your bushy beard. And that is a much simpler prospect to manage if you utilize Henson Shaving’s exceptional AL13 razor you see here.

Precision machined to the same standards as satellites by a leading aerospace industry manufacturer, this gorgeous 1.3-ounce piece of grooming equipment is built from solid aluminum and is available in your choice of 10 different handsome colorways. Each sale also includes five ultra-sharp razors (or you can spring for 100) — but worry not because this razor is so carefully designed and manufactured that you’ll get the perfect shave every time without any worry of causing your skin harm or even irritation. In fact, you may find yourself checking to make sure you actually remembered to put the blade into it in the first place. If you want to experience the most precise shave you’ve ever had, pick up an AL13 now for $40 with five blades or put down $49.99 for a whopping 100 included blades.

Purchase: $40+