Hennessy Deep Jungle Asym Zip Hammock

The word hammock conjures up images of lazy summer afternoons sipping lemonade by the pool. And for most people, they’d be correct in this assumption. But for those looking to totally escape into the harshest jungles on earth, they’d better have a look at these Hennessy Hammocks first.

The Deep Jungle Asym Zip model, designed to withstand the thickest, dampest and buggiest jungles around is compact, quick to deploy and pleasantly comfortable for catching some zzz’s (considering your location). Its double-layered bottom, fitted for a removable insulation pad, and heavy-duty rainfly make it a solid shelter that doesn’t rely on stakes, poles or even an open ground space. Its diamond shape design allows the camper to sleep diagonally while fully supported and completely zipped shut. The enclosure also provides a complexly enclosed, bug-proof space off the ground ensuring comfort and safety from slithering forest floor creatures. All packed up, the Hennessy Hammock weighs in at a highly packable 2 pounds 8 ounces. Perfect for taking your bed with you in a non-burdensome manner. Available now for $200. [Purchase]