Hennessey McLaren Senna HPE1000

The performance tuning community often steers clear of the industry’s highest performing supercars — after all, a 750-horsepower monstrosity hardly needs any more ponies to knock out any street-legal offering on the market. But Texas-based tuner Hennessey Performance has always had a screw or two loose when it comes to modding these ultra-powerful beasts — and now, they’ve decided to take on McLaren’s Senna.

The HPE1000 is a spectacular take on the high-end supercar, boasting a tried-and-true upgrade process that proved useful for the shop’s last notable build, the HPE900 McLaren 720S. In the same fashion as its predecessor, the newly upgraded vehicle utilizes a reprogrammed turbo system, new intakes, elongated intercoolers, and a free-flowing exhaust system that helps the 2018-2019 Senna to breathe a bit easier with 1,000 horsepower. Custom diagnostics help the company to meticulously dyno tune the car to optimize the way it performs while a Motec engine management system, transmission system upgrade, and high-flow air filters help to keep the car within a safe operating range on the track.

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