Helly Hansen Introduces A Water-Repellent Fabric Free Of Chemical Coatings

For years, the outerwear industry has been searching for ways to augment their water-repellency practices. While garments have continued to take on innovative new materials and finishes, the reliance on waterproofing chemicals has remained (largely) the same. Now, that’s all about to change, thanks to Helly Hansen’s newly-introduced LIFA Infinity Pro technology.

To debut the new breakthrough, Helly Hansen has created two unique outerwear garments; the Odin Mountain, and Elevation. These wondrous jackets are the pinnacle of aesthetic acuity, marking their presence through perfect, subdued design. While not overly complex, both jackets promote an aura of technicality, thanks to their sleek silhouettes, seam-sealed exteriors, and windbreaker-esque attributes. But what makes them so special is their LFA Infinity Pro textile — a “first-to-market advancement made entirely without added chemicals.” To achieve this, Hansen’s engineers created a proprietary three-layer fabric, complementing each jacket’s polypropylene microporous membrane and articulating elements. The Elevation, which looks to be the more utilitarian of the two, takes on a more substantial design, incorporating a RECCO Advanced Rescue system, Aerogel insulation, and powder skirt for improved performance. Head to HH’s website to acquire one of your own for $700 and up.

Purchase: $700+