Helly Hansen Aegir Ocean Jacket

When it comes to sailing, there are two things that are an absolute necessity: a boat …and wind. Chances are, if you’re an enthusiast of taking to the sea, you’re at least somewhat familiar with the ravages that wind can have on your average sailor. The unrelenting gusts, frigid ocean spray, and often sideways rain can be unforgiving enough to send even the most hardened mariner belowdecks. But there’s also a thrill to toughing out the rough weather, when possible. That’s why Helly Hansen have made their Aegir Ocean Jacket: to give a winning edge to sailors attempting to stand up to Mother Nature.

This jacket was designed and developed specifically with professional ocean racers in mind. Utilizing Helly’s Tech Professional 3-ply fabric, the Aegir is waterproof, windproof, and breathable. Paired with the adjustable double cuffs and EN-471 High-Vis hood, this jacket will keep you dry and warm, whatever the ocean throws at you. The jacket retails for $1,000. [Purchase]