HeliCat 22 Catamaran

Kayaking your way through rough seas is more pointless than waiting on a Wonder Woman movie. When the water is full of whitecaps, you need something with a little bit of power to force your way through it. You might just need something like the HeliCat 22.

This catamaran is designed for rough water, and the enclosed helicopter design, while not a sign of any flying capabilities (damn it), does help keep water out of the vehicle. Cruising whitecap waves at 20-30 mph is not a problem, and with optional dual 90 HP sour-stroke EFI motors, your top speed can get up to about 43 mph. A custom aluminum trailer with LED lights and disc brakes is available, while the whole thing is quite towable at 3,400 pounds. [Purchase]

HeliCat 22 Catamaran 2

HeliCat 22 Catamaran 3

HeliCat 22 Catamaran 4