Heimplanet Nias Modular Tent

If you are going to take the leap and invest in a tent – it should be something that you can use on all types of trips. Whether it’s just you and a buddy heading out to enjoy the Ventana Wilderness, or a weekend getaway for you and 5 of your closest – Heimplanet’s Nias is designed to adjust accordingly.

Due to its two cabin modular construction, this tent can easily fit anywhere between four and six people along with all of their gear. For support and easy assembly, this shelter is held up by a multi-chambered inflatable exterior skeleton frame that is simple to repair and won’t collapse even when a portion has been punctured. Each of the two cabins in the tent connect in the middle vestibule that serves as storage space and an entry and exit. Assembled with a resistant polyester outer layer, a flexible polyurethane inner, and a ripstop polyester fly sheet – this tent manages to be lightweight enough to pack out and strong enough to withstand wherever it is you are heading. You can make on of these yours for a little over $1,000. [Purchase]

Heimplanet Nias 1

Heimplanet Nias 5

Heimplanet Nias 3

Heimplanet Nias 6

Heimplanet Nias 4

Heimplanet Nias 8

Heimplanet Nias 9

Heimplanet Nias 10