Heimplanet Inflatable Backdoor Tent

Heimplanet is a global name in the camping gear industry. Their latest contribution is the Backdoor Tent, a four person inflatable frame tent with a unique design, and an incredibly wide range of uses.

This is one piece of camping gear that is destined to last for the long haul. Structured by that notable exoskeleton that reminds one of PVC pipes, the Backdoor’s unique build is set up with relative ease, in comparison to conventional pole tents. Simply unroll the diamond grid tent and inflate until its ready for use. The interior flaps are arranged in such a way that the outer tent touches the ground, and the inner tent resides inside, giving campers two layers to buffet cold weather, and thereby making the Backdoor perfect for all seasons. The Backdoor’s advanced ventilation system keeps the air inside the tent fresh, thanks to large mesh panels and hatches that can be opened along the tents sides. A rear entrance with a small vestibule allows one to remove shoes and other objects and place them outside of the tent with ease.

Purchase: $940