Hedonist Helmet by Hedon

If you own a truly unique motorbike, like the ’08 Yamaha Scorpio, you’ll want something a little out of the ordinary to put on your head to go along with it. Introducing Hedon’s new classic open-faced motorcycle helmets, all of which have a retro 70s throwback feel to them.

The Hedonist helmets protect your head just as well as any modern helmet will. These helmets feature an outer shell made from fiberglass and carbon fiber. The insides are made out of natural calf leather and padding lined with antimicrobial microsuede. The outer rim of the Hedonist helmets are lined with leather, as well. The helmets are available in over 20 different colors, including creme, cherry, coal and teal in a variety of finishes. The Hedonist helmets by Hedon will run you roughly $470 each. [Purchase]

Hedonist Helmet 3

Hedonist Helmet 4

Hedonist Helmet 5

Hedonist Helmet 6

Hedonist Helmet 7

Hedonist Helmet 8