Hedon Heroine Helmet

Keeping safe on the road doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. Far from it. Helmet maker Hedon has proven again and again that a helmet is an opportunity not only to protect yourself from the dips and turns in the road, but to express yourself. Doubt us? Just take a look at their Heroine Helmet.

This handsome brain bucket from the UK based company is made from a composite carbon fiber and fiberglass finished off with a matte black paint that contrasts well with the brass hardware and the natural calf leather trim. That trim is attached to an interior 360 degree cushion padding made from a special Merlin anti-bacterial fabric and Hed Armor lining for impact protection. Thanks to these features and DOT, ECE 2205 compliance, you’ll be comfortable, handsome, and safe on any road you choose to ride down right here in the states, or in the E.U. You can get this style helmet in the above classic, or in the ‘racer’ version with an attached anti fog lens. Prices start at $636. [Purchase]

Hedon Heroine Helmet 1

Hedon Heroine Helmet 2

Hedon Heroine Helmet 3