Hedon Heroine Classic Dirtquake Helmet

It’s widely accepted, and often times mandatory, to keep your dome protected while riding a motorcycle of any persuasion. And for some urban commuters and riders, the helmet of choice if often times a vintage-inspired throwback design from yesteryear. So if you fall in line with this type of style pay attention, because this helmet is for you.

Built by Hedon in collaboration with Dirtquake 2017, both brands are revisiting a bit of retro style from the ‘60s and ‘70s. However, the buck pretty much stops there when it comes to antiquated design, for this thing is made from a composite carbon fiber shell to keep the piece light yet highly durable and comes complete with a handsome white gloss finish. Add a Dirtquake visor in for good measure and you have an on and off-road worthy helmet for the ages. Each Hedon helmet also features Merlin antibacterial fabric, natural calf leather trim and lining, and gunmetal hardware.

Purchase: ~$766