Heatworks’ Tetra Dishwasher Requires Zero Plumbing & Fits On Your Countertop

Dishwashers have long been monopolized by homeowners, as apartment-dwellers typically lack the space needed for the chore-reducing appliance, forcing them to wash all of their dishes by hand in the sink like a bunch of schmucks. But those days may be ending thanks to the new Heatworks Tetra countertop dishwasher.

If the Tetra sounds familiar, that’s because it was first introduced by Heatworks as a concept way back in 2018. It’s taken three years for the appliance to come to market, but now it’s finally available for preorder and is ready to enable apartment-dwellers to start living the good life. As the world’s only fully self-contained dishwasher, Tetra requires no plumbing hookups and just needs a standard electrical outlet to operate. You simply fill it with 3L of water, add your detergent, set your cycle, and you’re off to the races. It also has settings for cleaning delicate items like wine glasses, plastic baby bottles, and even fruit (leave the detergent out for that one). Heatworks is offering the Tetra for a special pre-order price of $399 — which is $100 less than the eventual retail price — with an expected ship date of May 2022.

Purchase: $399

Photo: Heatworks