Headbones Bone Conduction Headphones

Jan 28, 2019

Category: Tech

“Bone conduction technology” sounds like something you’d expect to be used by the evil (or maybe he’s just misunderstood?) doctor from The Human Centipede, but no, fret not, it’s just a new way to listen to your music.

Damson Audio’s Headbones leave your ears uncovered as the sound comes from vibrations sent through the temporal bones (the bones situated at the sides and base of the skull) straight to the inner ear. This means, among other things, that you can safely listen to your tunes when it’s wise to keep your ears open, like say as you’re skateboarding down a city street or jogging near traffic. Of course the real test will be how they sound, and we’ll have to wait and see there. Headbones feature Bluetooth and NFC, and they’re water resistant to IPX5 level. [Purchase]

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