HD Vinyl

With record shops and swaps as numerous as ever, there’s no denying the reinvigorated prevalence of vinyl as an audio medium. But, though its popularity has been renewed, the technology behind it remains antiquated. That is all about to change with the impending release of HD Vinyl.

By swapping out traditional record-pressing techniques in exchange for revolutionary laser-inscribing, HD Vinyl promises to create albums with an unheard-of level of audio quality and clarity (up to 30% better than conventional vinyl). The process also does away with the need for environmentally harmful chemicals used in the old-school process, making for a much more eco-friendly option. Best part is, you won’t even need a new turntable or needle to enjoy the fruits of the technology, as it is 100% backwards compatible. HD vinyl is expected to be officially released sometime next year, so keep an eye out at your local record store.

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