Hayden’s Performance Twin Is The Perfect Addition To Your Summer Quiver

When it comes to surfing, there are a million different things you have to consider. On top of determining the optimal swell period and direction, the ideal tide, and of course the wind, you also have to utilize the perfect board for the day’s conditions. While most surfers procure a large, well-rounded quiver to ensure they’re ready for anything, it’s always a good idea to keep a multipurpose board around for good measure — a niche easily fulfilled by Haydenshapes’ new Misc. Performance Twin Fin.

The Misc. is an enigma — fulfilling the roles of a steady, relaxed twin fin while combining it with the speed and precision of a high-performance thruster. For those who are looking for more drive in their everyday setup, shaper Hayden Cox decided to marry two opposing styles of riding — utilizing all of the drag-free positives associated with the common twin-fin, but none of the drawbacks. The board’s unique 2+1 orientation allows for a tri-fin setup that puts the wing far behind the two outer fins, giving the board plenty of hold from the bottom to the top of the wave. The Misc. isolates the redeeming qualities of both twin-fin and thruster layouts, giving riders enhanced precision, speed, and release above the lip, where it matters most. If you’re looking to pick one up, head over to the shaper’s website — the all-arounder is currently available for preorder for $795, with deliveries expected 3-6 weeks after purchase.

Purchase: $795