Haven Smart Lock

The smartlock has become a popular target for product innovators, but it seems that everyone has the same thought process – using outdated, vulnerable dead bolts. Haven challenges this, creating a a stronger smartlock for a safer future.

After some home break-ins within their Nashville, Tennessee neighborhoods, Alex and Clay decided to do something about it. And that something is Haven. The device is installed at the base of your door, using the house as the platform to secure the door. This solid wedge is slim and minimal, measuring in at just 0.8-inches tall, but has no problem keeping the door closed tightly thanks to the implementation of torque servo motors. Of course it is a smart lock, and that means it works remotely using your smartphone – but that’s not all it does on the “smart” end of the spectrum. Haven has also been outfitted with both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, a backup battery, and a manual release to ensure you exit easily in emergency situations. There’s also a built-in accelerometer that detects forced entry attempts and alerts the homeowner. This new-age smartlock is gearing up to hit the retail market next year, and will carry a retail price of $269. [Purchase]

Haven Smart Lock 2

Haven Smart Lock 3

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