Hater iPhone App: Share Things You Hate with People You Love

Hater iPhone App

Hater iPhone AppFacebook users have longed for a dislike button for as long as the popular Like button has existed. Although FB still has no official plans to roll one out in the near future, Jake Banks decided that he would roll out his own dislike photo sharing service in the aptly titled ‘Hater’ app.

Operating much like the way Instagram does, Hater allows you to upload any photos you want to the platform. The only difference is that these are not things you like, but rather things you dislike. Things like the Duck Face, the YOLO saying,  UGG boots … you get the point. The Hater app was rolled out as an iPhone exclusive application last during SXSW, but the developers have already stated that they would be developing it for Android phones as well due to the positive feedback from the iPhone version. Get the app for free on iTunes.