Hasselblad Brings Affordability To High-End Medium-Format Photography

Hasselblad has been an impactful name in the high-end photography world for a number of years; and although the company has made it a point to retain its iconic composure amidst a bevy of competitive releases, it seems they’ve finally given in to the consumer base.

The newest release from the Swedish outfit comes in the form of the X1D II 50C — an evolution of the company’s highly-coveted X1D. Instead of reinventing the wheel when it comes to the design of the medium-format camera, Hasselblad has opted to retain many of the attributes that made its predecessor so popular. A 50-megapixel medium format CMOS sensor, 14 stops of dynamic range, and a 3.69 million-dot OLED electric viewfinder pair well with the camera’s enlarged 3.6-inch screen — which now boasts a fluid 60FPS refresh rate for live-view applications. Intuitive changes to the UI and system architecture make the new X1D II 50C a joy to shoot, reducing lag and black-out time between shots — a welcome change for professionals who are looking to get the most out of the system. While the updated X1D is still a bit expensive when compared to similar models, a price tag of $5,750 (paired with the company’s iconic name) is an undeniably attractive selling point.

Purchase: $5,750