Hasselblad x DJI A5D-M600 Drone

What better tech combination these days than cameras and drones? Hasselblad, known for their high-quality digital and film cameras recently teamed up with drone manufacturer DJI to develop this piece of tech that looks more like a robotic insect in the sky than a drone.

Dubbed the A5D-M600, the drone comes equipped with a Hasselblad A5D aerial camera mounted onto the piece that helps capture some serious footage. The camera itself features is equipped with the same 50MP CMOS sensor you’ll find on a number of modern day medium format cameras. As for the drone itself, the M600 is capable of carrying up to 13 pounds of luggage which makes carrying around the A5D camera a breeze. It’s an ideal setup suited for the best in the business, made apparent by a price tag of $26,000 for both the camera and the drone. However, if the drone by itself is more your speed, you’ll only have to fork out around $5,000. [Purchase]

Hasselblad and DGI A5D-M600 Drone 2

Hasselblad and DGI A5D-M600 Drone 3