Hasbro Star Wars Sail Barge Concept

Feb 20, 2018

Category: Entertainment

Why take a guess as to whether or not your customers will like the toys you make when you can just ask them? That’s the idea around Hasbro’s new crowdfunding idea platform Haslab.

To launch this new service – a kind of combination of LEGO Ideas and Kickstarter – Hasbro has rolled out a brands new concept, Jabba The Hut’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. This thing measures in at 4-feet long, 14 pounds, and boasts a crazy amount of detail. So much, in fact, they’re asking a whopping $500 for the toy. Our guess is that the price point will turn a lot of potential customers off, which is why Hasbro wants a bit of an assurance that they’ll have enough interest before going through all the work to produce this limited figurine. As of this writing, they’re about 1/5th of their way there with 42 days to go – so there is still some real possibility of this dream becoming a reality.

Learn More: Haslab

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