Harley-Davidson XG Street 750 by NCT Motorcycles

Harley-Davidson is known throughout the bike world as a legacy bike brand assembled right here in the USA. And with such a reputation, it’s not surprising that bike workshops around the globe work to create their own unique versions from classic Harley silhouettes.

This build comes to us from Austria-based NCT Motorcycles – and the bike itself is a Harley-Davidson XG Street 750. So of course, because this is indeed a Harley, they decided to leave the original engine, wheels, suspension, and brakes alone. The body, however, was a different story entirely. What we have now is a custom overhaul complete with a hand-made tank, tail section, front fender and side covers that add a completely different aura to this thing. New turn signals from Kellerman, meaner handlebars from LSL, and a trimmed muffler to give the exhaust system a more compact appearance were a good look as well here. Finally, to round everything out, a turquoise paint job now adorns the finished build.

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