Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob 114 BT-03 By Blacktrack Motors

In the era of dramatic recreation, custom motorcycle builders strive to exceed the standards set forth by their competition. Almost simultaneously, the machines carry the gigantic burden of possible misrepresentation, as an embodiment of the ideals and creative desires of the builder. Blacktrack Motors’ Harley-Davidson “BT-O3” manages to remain cognizant of its prospective importance, while cutting an open-ended swathe through the legions of imitative cycle modifiers.

The team at Blacktrack drew heavy inspiration from Harley’s original XLCR, citing a significant study of the 1977 cycle (and the design ethos surrounding the bike) as primary contributors to the BT-O3 project’s mesmerizing silhouette. An elongated fuel tank and tail section provide subtle hints of the XLCR’s influence, while a race-oriented stance and cafe-inspired architecture capture the aura of the original platform. To capitalize on their vision, Blacktrack acquired a donor Harley-Davidson Softail Fat Bob 114 — a monstrous 1,868cc cycle that towers above the Milwaukee-based company’s alternatively tame platforms. The addition of bespoke aluminum and composite parts, a customized front fairing, fender, and fuel tank, as well as a crucial rear frame assembly, provide an unmistakable illustration of the builder’s commitment to excellence. Alongside several aesthetic additions, an upgraded Ohlins suspension, Beringer brakes, and Dymag forged aluminum wheels provide the perfect performance-oriented package for anyone who’s looking to tame the beastly moto.

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